If you have yet to jump into the frenetic action that is DOOM, now's your chance with a solid discount. Amazon is currently offering the PC version for just $20, which is a full $20 off of its usual price at the online retailer.

DOOM was widely regarded as one of the best shooters to come out of 2016, heralding a return to form for the franchise. The campaign is a fast-paced, bloody nightmare that has you battling your way through the hordes of Hell with a myriad of destructive weapons and upgrades. The multiplayer is just as intense, with plenty of extra content added since launch.

It's not clear just how long this discount will last, but it's just as good as some of the discounts we saw on the game during the holiday season. Keep in mind that this is for the physical PC version. As for consoles, the Xbox One versions was down to $20 earlier today, but has since jumped up to $28.

Update: Though it's out of stock at the moment, the Xbox One version is back down to $20 as well. You can still place an order now, and Amazon will ship you a copy once it comes back in stock.

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