Square Enix has released a trailer for Just Cause 3's first expansion pack titled 'Sky Fortress', which is scheduled to release next month. The trailer showcases the new enemy types, locations and gadgets included inside the add-on pack, wrapped in a sci-fi theme.

The most notable additions as a part of the expansion are the upgraded Bavarium wingsuit, Bavarium Splitter assault rifle and a personal defence drone usable in the base game. New missions and challenges are also included, set in the new locale.

The Sky Fortress expansion will be available as a part of Just Cause 3's 'Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass' or through a standalone purchase on the Xbox Store. The Expansion Pass, priced at $24.99, provides access to all three of the game's planned expansions and a week's early access to future DLC packs. Based on the price of the season pass, single expansions are estimated to cost $10 each.

Just Cause 3: Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass on the Xbox Store

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