Kalimba Xbox One

Microsoft will launch the indie puzzle platformer game Kalimba! on December 17 for the Xbox One. The game, from the same team that released the 2013 Xbox One title Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Press Play, was originally announced under the working title Project Totem.

Microsoft stated:

"Press Play's highly-anticipated puzzle platformer has players controlling animated totems on a quest to overthrow an evil shaman and reclaim the island of Kalimba for the Kalimbi people. The distinct look comes from the "trixelated" art style that uses triangles as the main influence. In addition to the unique art style of the world, puzzles, enemies and totems, Kalimba also offers both single player and couch co-op modes. Creative Director Asger Strandby calls it, "kind of a friendship tester – if you can play the game and high five more than you slap each other, you're probably ready to get married."

Microsoft has also released a new gameplay trailer for Kalimba!, which will be made available for the PC sometime in January. Will you be checking out this game when it is released?

Source: Xbox Wire

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