Kantar has released its latest monthly report on the state of the smartphone market, covering the 3-month period ending in January. As with each of Kantar's recent reports, things continue to look down for Windows Phone. In fact, the continued lull in sales, combined with the decline of BlackBerry, leads Kantar to highlight in its analysis a push to a "two-OS world" moving forward.

Kantar discounts Windows Phone as its latest report highlights push towards 'two-OS world'

From Kantar:

Gone are the days when a BlackBerry OS, Symbian, or Windows Mobile could make a significant impact. It is clear that there will only be two smartphone ecosystems moving forward – iOS and Android. To succeed, phone manufacturers will have to play by those rulebooks.

To drive the point home, Kantar calls out the phones of this year's Mobile World Congress, which saw both Nokia and BlackBerry garner renewed interest with a lineup of Android devices.

As for hard numbers, Kantar's report shows a Windows Phone decline in all markets it tracks, save Japan. In the U.S., its sales share was down to 1.3 percent from its 2.6 percent share a year ago. The 5 European countries Kantar tracks (Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain) were, in aggregate, down from 6.4 percent to a 2.7 percent percent share year-over-year. Meanwhile, China moved from 0.9 to 0.1 percent percent year-over-year, while Japan was actually up to 1.5 percent from 0.5 percent. Australia saw the biggest drop, going from 5.4 percent to just 1 percent sales share over last year. For more, you can check out Kantar's full report

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