Kantar Worldpanels' latest monthly report on the worldwide smartphone market shows deep year-by-year declines for Windows Phone in nearly every country, with some dropping by over 9%.

Lumia 950

Kantar's numbers claim that many Windows Phone users have been moving over to Android devices in the past year:

"For those switching from Windows, Android has offered a better user experience, with a variety of brands and models across a multitude of price points," said Dominic Sunnebo, business unit director for Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Europe. "In Italy and France, the strongest Windows Phone markets for a time, nearly 10% of Windows mobile users moved to Android in the three months ending March 2016. What's more, they opted for brands like Huawei, Wiko, and Asus, featuring mid-range devices that represent good value for the money."

The launch of Windows 10 Mobile has done little to reverse this trend. France saw the biggest drop from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016. Last year, Windows held 14.1% of the market, not far behind iOS at 19.4%. In 2016, that share dropped to just 5% for Windows. Italy dropped from 14.4% to 6.3% in the same time period for Windows Phone.

Most of the other countries covered by Kantar saw drops in their own Windows smartphone market share, but there was one tiny exception. Japan, which has launched quite a few third-party Windows 10 Mobile devices in the past few months, did see the share go up in the past year. The bad news: 2015's share was just 0.4% and 2016 saw it go up by just a tenth of a percentage point to 0.5%.