Good news everyone!'s official travel assistance app has just made a comeback in the Marketplace. The app was unceremoniously pulled a few weeks ago, due in part to changes in the back-end breaking the app (at least that's what we've deduced). 

The popular travel service is great for those planning an upcoming vacation or for those who just travel a lot -- see their site here. Anyways, you probably already know that so head to the Marketplace to grab it here. Interestingly, since it was yanked from the Marketplace it had to be resubmitted meaning we're dealing with a v1.0 app now, though we figure it's more like a v1.2 if you're really keeping track. It's nice to have it back again. And hey, if you're traveling, check out FlightAware we just hit v1.1, getting a much needed speed boost.

Thanks, Steve S., sixseven and SEKKDS for the heads up!