Keep Calm & Waste Time

For the lack of a better term, Keep Calm & Waste Time is a Windows Phone 8 reader for a handful of casual reading websites. You won't find the hard news stories from Fox News or CNN but instead light-hearted, humorous pieces that aren't bad reads to waste time with.

The main pages for Keep Calm & Waste Time are from the various websites the app pulls from. You have pages for The Chive, College Humor, Kontraband, Epic Fail, I-Am-Bored, and The Break websites. Each listing the most recent articles from the sites.

Keep Calm & Waste Time

Individual articles can be tagged as a favorite for easy access, shared via Twitter/Facebook and you can email a link to the article to friends or family. Some articles are photo galleries and the individual images can be saved to your Windows Phone Pictures Hub.

The only downside to Keep Calm & Waste Time is that some of the individual articles pull up within the app while others are launched in browser form.  The developer is working on an update to have all the source articles pulled up within the app itself.  This should give the app a little more zip plus the ability to save and share images from all the articles.

Keep Calm & Waste Time's layout is clean and simple.  The content Keep Calm & Waste Time pulls in may not appeal to everyone. Contents comes across as part TMZ, part National Enquirer, and part MAD Magazine. It's intended to take take a light hearted approach on topics and may be a good way to decompress and have a good laugh during the day.

Keep Calm & Waste Time is a free, ad-supported app for your Windows Phone 8 device. You can find Keep Calm & Waste Time here in the Windows Phone Store.

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