KeepSync Proxure Inc. has announced the availability of its new KeepSync synchronization solution, which will give Windows Mobile users another "over-the-air" solution for synchronizing everything from photos to music files to documents with their laptop or desktop. It can be used over the internet or with an in-home network as well. Users also have the ability to "share" folders and files with other KeepSync users such as videos and photos.

KeepSync is very similar to Microsoft's Live Mesh.  There is one key difference between these two OTA solutions; the cost.  While the KeepSync application is free there is a "pay-as-you-go" fee for synchronizing over the internet. The cost ranges from a $10, 250-credit package to a $100, 10,000 credit package. Best we can tell is that a credit equals one megabyte of transferred data.  In contrast, Live Mesh is FREE.

You can find more information at KeepSync's website where a fully functional, 15-day trial version is available. You'll have to create a user account but the trial version does come with 25 credits to use with internet sharing.  Proxure will be demonstrating KeepSync at the 2009 CES Show this week (we'll be there, too!) and we'll see what this new kid on the OTA block has to offer and whether or not it's worth the cost.

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