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Kid's Corner for Windows Phone 8

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New details have come forward about the new parental control system for Windows Phone 8 previously known as KidsZone—which will give adults more control over what their child sees on their phone.

The new information from the Verge (88% accuracy on Tracour) includes how the system will work, its new name (Kid's Corner) and the above screenshots showing how it will look...

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Kid’s Corner will evidently be accessible on all Windows Phone 8 devices by swiping left on the Lock screen to enable. Once done so, a new virtual environment is enabled that has preloaded (and approved) games, music, videos and apps for the child to use.

Accent colors, choice of apps, games, and even the name of the Kid’s Corner can all be configured. Simply hit the power button will disable the system and the child can use it anytime just by swiping left on the Lock screen.

The system is certainly one of the more powerful content-control systems we have seen with smartphones and it looks to be something that Microsoft could readily push as a consumer feature to parents—it’s clear, easily explained and should be easily marketable.

Source: the Verge; Thanks, Windows Phone 8, for the tip