Killer Instinct - Season 2 gamers on the Xbox One can start downloading a new character, Kan-Ra, to play with starting today if they have purchased the $39.99 Ultra Edition of the fighting game. Folks who have elected to buy the $19.99 Combo Breaker edition can download Kan-Ra on Sunday, November 30 and he will be available as a stand alone purchase in November for $4.99.

Kan-Ra is a mummified Babylonian sorcerer who has managed to stay alive for over 2,000 years thanks to his arcane magic. His fighting abilities are as follows:

"Drawing combat powers from the dark sorceries he's mastered, Kan-Ra explodes into battle with a unique combination of ranged attacks, nasty ground and air-based traps, and incredible situational mobility. Players will be challenged to master his distinct playstyle and diverse arsenal to best effect against his opponents."

Kan-Ra is the third of eight new fighters that have been released for Killer Instinct - Season 2 so far (TJ Combo and Maya are the other two). The remaining five characters will be released on a monthly basis. In fact, a new trailer for Kan-Ra has a bit of spoiler for the next character that will be offered, which should make old school Killer Instinct fans very happy. What's your favorite fighter in the game so far?

Source: Xbox Wire

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