Microsoft has released an update for Killer Instinct Season 3 on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. It adds a new fighter character, Mira, to the free-to-play fighting game, along with many more additions, improvements, and bug fixes.

Mira is a vampire and her attacks include one where she bites her opponent in matches. Here is what's new and improved with this Killer Instinct update:

Added New Character – Mira

  • Default Costume
  • Accessories (3 Sets)
  • Color Variations (9 Colors)
  • Retro Costume
  • Accessories (3 Sets)
  • Color Variations (6 Colors)
  • Combo Assist Support

More new features

  • Added Shadow Lab Support for Mira, Kim Wu, & Tusk
  • Added Toggle for Cinematic Ender Cameras under Help & Options –> Display.
  • Added an Exclusive Retro Color 7 for all characters for players who purchase the SUPREME EDITION or Season 3 Ultra Edition bundles

Bug fixes

  • Fixed soft lock that would sometimes occur when transitioning between screens using LB and RB.
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when Tusk was interrupted out of a deflect attack.
  • Fixed a soft lock that would occur if one of Arbiter's grenades would detonate at the same time as a character was performing a command throw ender.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when Shadow Jago would perform a Level 4 DP ender in the corner of a stage.
  • Fixed an issue where the announcer would not scream "Ultraaaaaaaaaaaa!" after a second ultra was performed.

In addition, the Killer Instinct update made a large number of gameplay changes for its existing characters. You can check out the massive list in the source link above.

Download Killer Instinct from the Windows Store