Yesterday we mentioned that Orbital would be this week’s Xbox Live release, and that has proven to be true. But it turns out that wasn’t the whole story. Microsoft has gone and sneaked Kinectimals onto the Marketplace as well!

Kinectimals is the portable version of Frontier Software and Microsoft’s feline-themed Kinect game. Players can choose one of five kitties or import an existing cat from the 360 version (which we haven’t tried just yet). Then it’s time to teach your kitty tricks by performing swiping motions, play catch, complete challenges, and buy lots of accessories. So far Kinectimals is a surprisingly faithful port of the retail Xbox 360 version, and it doesn’t even have the original’s obnoxious announcer, always a plus. The Achievements are also super easy. And last but not least, it’s Nodo compatible!

As for Orbital, it’s a Mango-only game. The simple concept, multiple gameplay modes, sci-fi graphics, and techno music all make for an addictive experience.

Both games are only $2.99, so buying both won’t break the bank. You can find Kinectimals here and Orbital here on the Marketplace.

UPDATE: Kinectimals' early release was a mistake. The game has been pulled and will return on November 2.

Thanks to TheWeeBear for the tip!