Launched less than two weeks ago, the Kinoma Play media player (check out our full review) already has rolled out its first update.

The update mostly appears to be bug fixes or "improvements."

The deets:

  • More "finger-friendly" for phones with hi-resolution (VGA+) screens, including the HTC Touch Diamond.
  • On touchscreen phones, the menu pod supports left and right swipes to move between menus.
  • Norwegian language support (hilsener!).
  • Improved support for phones with both slide-out QWERTY keyboards and phone keypads.
  • Improved support for resuming video and audio streamed with Orb (requires Orb v2.01.0017 or newer).
  • Improved compatibility with podcast feeds hosted by FeedBurner (say, for instance, the WM Experts podcast!)
  • Improved Google Video compatibility.
  • Correct presentation of multipart Audible audiobooks.

According Kinoma's blog, the application should automatically notify you of the update. Or, you can manually go to Player>Check for Updates.

We'd still like to see some adjustments to automatic (and overaggressive) media scan on startup. And any improvement to the memory footprint would be a good thing (when is it not?).

But for an application still in its Windows Mobile infancy, an upgrade this early is an obvious sign (as is the activity on Kinoma's forum as well as our own) that the company is paying attention.