Kitty in the Box

Ready for another challenging game that is hard to put away? If you said yes, you should check out Kitty in the Box. Originally released for iOS earlier this month, it has also just been released for Windows Phone. It looks really cute and simple, but it's not as easy as you think.

We've installed Kitty in the Box on our Nokia Lumia 930. Check out the gameplay video after break.

The goal is simple. Join kitty on their magical adventure where the roads are made out of cakes and they need to slide into boxes. Press and hold on the screen to start running and then let go to stop. Press on the screen for too long, and you fall off the land cakes.

Sliding into a box gives you 10 points. Sliding into a box and touching a fruit without falling off gives you 20 points. Each round has different lengths, so proper timing is important. If you pass a round, you continue to the next one. The game ends when you fall off or fall short of a box.

Kitty in the Box

If you need more challenge, you can activate hard mode. The controls are a little different. You press and hold to charge, release to run, and then press again to slide into the box.

Two kitties are available right away, but others are can be unlocked by completing some challenges. For example, eating ten fruits in one run unlocks Mr. White. Scoring 500 points unlocks Hola the kitty.

Kitty in the Box

Kitty in the Box is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. There are ads that appear after every 5 restarts. It would have been nice to have an in-app purchase option to remove the ads. On the other hand, Windows Phone devices with 512MB memory support this game. Go check out Kitty in the Box and let us know your high score so far.

512mb supported

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