The other day we posted about Klout, the online rating system for individuals, and how they were giving away five-hundred Windows Phones as part of a promotion. The first 100 were for folks who resided in New York City, had a Klout score of 55 or higher (which is pretty high) and were leading in the topic of Technology.

Obviously the idea is to get a Windows Phone in the hands of technology "influencers", those that command a large following on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social networks. They get a phone, perhaps they'll talk about it and bam, you generate buzz. A not too dissimilar approach to getting it into celeb hands, like what Brandon Watson was doing awhile back.

Anyways, the first phones shipped and what everyone was wondering is which device would folks get? Basically Gen 1 or brand-spanking Gen 2 Windows Phones? Turns out, it was Gen 1 and specifically the Samsung Focus, which seems to be Microsoft's work-horse phone for media and contests (not a bad choice). But hey, if you feel bad about not qualifying, perhaps this will lessen the sting a bit. Look for the other 400 to be given out for other cities soon.

Video unboxing after the break. Thanks, Mark G., for the link!