Knee Deep is an upcoming swamp-noir adventure game, which is slated for arrival in Q3 2016 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players will be immersed into the three-act episodic adventure that will quite literally put you kneed deep in mud and the game's narrative.

You'll be tasked with investigating a suspicious suicide as three characters:

  • Romana Teague the "cheeky blogger".
  • Reporter Jack Bellet.
  • Private Investigator K.C. Gaddis.

Characters will be driven by choices made by the player as they move from one set to the next in the performance. Writing, starring and directing is all down to you. Already available on Steam, the title will soon hit consoles for more players to experience the theatrical experience of Knee Deep. We'll be sure to hit you up with links when the game is available on Xbox One so remain tuned.