Looking for an interesting game for your Windows Phone? Krashlander might be just the ticket.

You play the role of Krashlander. Armed with only your krash-suit and a pair of skis, it is your mission to blast down snowy mountains, jump over gaping crevices, and take out any enemy robots that stand in your way.  The main menu offers a Learn section that is a brief tutorial on the game and there is a comprehensive tutorial on the Play page.

You control Krashlander by a series of buttons that are to the right of the screen. These controls determine Krash's body positions and jumps. Just slide your finger over the icon and your on-screen character mimics that body position.  The game currently has twenty three levels that progressively become more challenging.  The developer plans to update Krashlander with a new level each month.

In tinkering with the game, the biggest challenge seems to be mastering the controls. Once you can get the hang of the controls, the challenge shifts to conquering the slopes and seeing how dramatic of a crash you can create at the end of your ski run.  Krashlander is a slightly addictive game, with really, really good (yet simple) graphics, and is full of challenges.

The good news about Krashlander is that there is a full, ad supported, free version available. The ad-free, paid version will run you $1.29. You can find Krashlander Free here (opens Zune) and the paid version of Krashlander here at the Marketplace.