Wonder no more. That Live Search rebranding we mentioned this morning is going ahead, says CNET's Ina Fried, and internal testing is getting under way on Kumo.com.  Don't bother trying it yet, however, unless you're on Microsoft's corporate network. As an e-mail from MSFT's search executive Satya Nadella explains, so far Kumo is directly attacking search and search results. From said e-mail:

We believe we can provide a better and more useful search experience that helps you not just search but accomplish tasks. During the test, features will vary by country, but you'll see results organized in a way that saves you more time. An explorer pane on the left side of results pages will give you access to tools that help you with your tasks. Other features like single session history and hover preview help accomplish more in search sessions.

No word yet on what it will mean for Live Search on Windows Mobile. Will it become Kumo Mobile? Kumobile? Kumobile! (Try yelling it. It works that way.)

Anyway, check out Fried's post if you want to see the full e-mail and a full screen shot of the search results, which we've cribbed above.

Update: Er, now that we're done sounding our barbaric yawp, we'll remind you that Kumo means either "Cloud," or "Spider." We're guessing they're going for "Cloud."