In case you missed it earlier this week, HTC has given us a Fuze to give away to one of our gentle readers -- that's you. Seriously, we have the box right here at HQ and, well, it's the first time in years we haven't torn open a smartphone package like hungry dogs looking for steak. Head on over to the contest post and comment before 8am Eastern on Friday morning -- any comment that offers some sort of tip, trick, or advice about how you'd use the Fuze will do.

If you don't luck out here, though, fret not. Over at, HTC is giving away 120 of the suckers, along with a grand prize of twenty five grand. Yeah, really. Heck, even if you don't luck out there either, you still can use it as a nice demo to send to people who don't understand how to use TouchFlo 3D (Hi Rene!).

Update: Since we're already all Meta-WME here on this post, one more thing. CrackBerry Kevin is starting the penultimate round of the Smartphone Round Robin a little late and could use some help with the Fuze. Go on and help him out at this thread and, yes, it's yet another chance for you to win a Fuze. That plus a Redfly C8N. Show Kevin that Windows Mobile don't need no stinkin' virtual BlackBerry software slapped on!