, the popular internet music streaming service, has announced that all third-party apps will be shut out of its service. Popular third-party clients include Windows Mobile’s Pocket Scrobbler, S60’s Mobbler, and if you’re a Crackberry addict, Flipside also will go the way of the dinosaur. Citing pressures from record labels and wanting to flex its muscles, these changes should take place in the near future. breaks it down further in its forums: has never had a public radio API, although we've tolerated third-party clients using the undocumented calls that our client uses. This is finally about to change - we're going to make a public, documented streaming API available to everyone who has an API account. There are a few limitations:

  • Only subscribers will be allowed to stream using API applications unless you negotiate a separate deal with us - we need to get the money to cover royalties.
  • You won't be allowed to use our API to stream to mobile phones. This is unfortunately a limitation of some of our licensing agreements. Again, we may be able to make an exception to this if you talk to us directly.

So on the upside, current developers may take advantage of new APIs to help them develop under’s guidance. Word on the street is that the official apps on the iPhone and Android platform will continue to work, as they are officially sanctioned.

This is going to upset a lot of people. But the good news is that there still will be APIs available for developers, it'll just cost some cash. via Gizmodo