Microsoft Surface RT

There's a new batch of charts from AdDuplex, and they show that Microsoft has overtaken HP to be the top manufacturer of Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. AdDuplex's data comes from integration into nearly 800 apps in the Windows Store, and it shows that Microsoft's Surface tablets are by far and away the leading devices accessing the Windows Store (which AdDuplex notes "it's safe to assume that these apps are used more on the tablets"), with the first generation Microsoft Surface RT taking the lead.

The lead held by the Surface RT remains strong, with 14.5% of the devices indexed by AdDuplex. The next closest tablet is actually the sequel, the Surface 2, which registers at a mere 2.2%. It and the ASUS Transformer Book T100 are the only other tablets that clock in at over 2%. That said, once you get down to the Surface Pro 2 at 0.9%, there are 17,000 other models that make up the remaining 72.1% of AdDuplex's devices.

When it comes to just Microsoft's device's, the Surface RT accounts for more than three quarters of their deployments. The other three Surface tablets account for 22.5% of Microsoft's tablets, while the remaining 1% is taken up by the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet.

AdDuplex Tablets Data May 2014

That Microsoft is a leading manufacturer of Windows 8 and Windows RT devices puts Microsoft in an increasingly awkward position (see: Palm, Sony). That said, with the massive size of the Windows market and ecosystem, there's plenty of space for other manufacturers.

It'll be interesting to see what tomorrow's Surface announcement brings — the rumored Surface Pro 3 and Surface Mini. What are you looking forward to for tomorrow?

Source: AdDuplex