Lumia 630

October's AdDuplex statistics highlight the growing trajectory of Windows Phone 8.1, which overtook Windows Phone 8.0 to become the leading OS worldwide. The OS is now installed on 47 percent of all devices.

Windows Phone numbers

The numbers project a healthy growth from 39.1 percent seen last month, and the 24.4 percent witnessed in August. AdDuplex mentions that the numbers were generated based on data collected from 4,647 Windows Phone apps running AdDuplex's SDK v.2 on October 22.

Windows Phone devices

When it comes to devices, Lumia 520 still leads the way with an overwhelming 26.9 percent of the market share, although AdDuplex states that the device witnessed a decline of 3.7 percent from last month. The Lumia 630 is continuing its meteoric rise, and is now the third on the list with a 6.4 percent market share thanks to strong showing in countries like Germany, India, Poland and the UK.

Windows Phone manufacturers

In terms of manufacturers, Nokia commands 94.99 percent of the market, while HTC and Samsung have seen incremental increases compared to last month. As for carriers in the US, Cricket has had a strong month, while T-Mobile and MetroPCS witnessed a decline of 0.8 percent and 1.8 percent respectively.

What do you guys think of AdDuplex's numbers? Are you excited to see Windows Phone 8.1 overtake Windows phone 8.0?

Source: AdDuplex on SlideShare