HP has posted yet another promotional video for its upcoming Windows 10 Mobile phone, the Elite x3. The clip emphasizes that the phone is made for the business market to give customers mobility while still offering a way for the Elite X3 to give them a keyboard and mouse interface

The video shows HP vice-president Michael Park stating that when business customers use a tablet to access apps that are made for a keyboard and mouse, it makes for an inefficient experience. The HP Elite x3, with support for Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum feature combined with the phone's dock, can solve those problems. The phone will also be able to use the HP Workspaces service:

So what we're doing with HP Workspaces is we're creating an app catalog on the client that allows you, using Active Directory authentication, to access the virtualized apps and when you're docked you have the full keyboard and mouse, so you have virtualized PC powered by the phablet in these user experiences that traditionally in a mobile state have been hard.

Park adds that the HP Elite x3 was designed, marketed and promoted from the ground up as a business device, not as a consumer phone that is trying to be a business product. The phone will be priced at $699 by itself when it goes on sale, or $799 with its Desk Dock.

Thanks to Tanzim for the tip!

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