Telltale Games has released a new trailer for the company's upcoming title, Minecraft: Story Mode. The game is set to be released on October 13, but both Mojang and Telltale plan to hold a massive Let's Play event in Hollywood, CA on October 12 ahead of the official release and you're invited.

Simply send an email to Telltale games (using the address specified on the blog post - linked below) to receive more information on the event, though the company does note tickets will be at no cost to attendees. All you'll need to do is be able to head to ArcLight Cinerama Dome on the day.

As for the new trailer, it provides a small insight into the members of the Order of the Stone, four heroes you'll be getting to know throughout this new adventure. Should you require a friendly reminder as to what this is all about, Minecraft: Story mode will see you control a male or female hero called Jesse, and you'll be on a journey across the overworld, as well as the Nether and End.

But fear not as you'll not be travelling alone. A warrior, redstone engineer, griefer, and architect will join you on your path. It's a neat video and we're looking forward to the talent Telltale has on-board for voicing said characters. As noted already, Minecraft: Story Mode will launch on October 13.

Source: YouTube, Telltale Games