Microsoft today has released another video as part of its "People Who Do" campaign — this time focusing on an ambitious young girl who uses Windows to run her own business.

The video focuses on Mikaila Ulmer and her efforts to raise awareness around the death of honeybees. Ulmer, who calls herself a "student, a bee ambassador, and a social entrepreneur," runs BeeSweet Lemonade, a company that was started as part of a children's business competition. In the video, Ulmer says that she uses Windows and Office to create Powerpoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets in an effort to educate others about what her company does to save the bees.

Overall, the video is an interesting look into how Windows enables an incredible young entrepreneur to run her business and pursue her mission. For more, be sure to watch it for yourself above. If you want to take a gander at more from this campaign, you can check out Microsoft's previous ads as well.

Thanks to Rokibul and Sameer for the tips!

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)