ProShot, the very popular Windows Phone camera app, got its last update about a month ago, but today it received yet another upgrade, with some small but noticeable improvements.

The new 5.2 version of the app has the following additions, improvements and bug fixes listed in its change log:

  • Improved startup time (but temporarily removed fast app resume due to API issues. We have reported the bug to Microsoft)
  • Fixed Lumia Cyan filter bug
  • Now correctly plays or mutes shutter sound based on system settings
  • Updated icon to support WP 8.1 transparency, removed Live Tile photo gallery (not possible to support both at the same time due to API issue)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, and Vietnamese localization
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks throughout

In addition, the ProShot app team is promsing further updates so that it supports Windows Phone 8.1, a way to delete images from Camera Roll and more. In the meantime, you can download the new version of ProShot for $1.99 right now in the Windows Phone Store. What do you think of this latest update?

Thanks to Ian for the tip!

QR: ProShot