The team behind the popular third-party Reddit app Readit for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile has pushed out another solid update, just a day after it released a major new version. The new build includes a Markdown editor for revising posts among its new additions, improvements and bug fixes.

Here's what included in the new version:

General Additions

  • Markdown editor is now available when editing posts
  • Mobile - When tapping on a thumbnail to preview a post (or a link in the comments), it will now be dismissable via tapping the area surrounding the image in the popup
  • The subreddit, domain, and username will now wrap in the post list instead of cutting off


  • Major improvements in page navigation speed for all pages
  • Major improvements in post viewing speed and speed of backing out of a post
  • Improved speed of switching between subreddits
  • The back button on phone and tablet mode will be much more responsive
  • Swipe view should be a bit more responsive

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed photos identified as gifs from loading incorrectly and getting stuck in swipe view
  • The back button will now close the hamburger menu properly, closes the letter picker for the subreddits list before the hamburger menu now as well

Download Readit for Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile

QR: Readit

Source: Reddit

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