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If you just tuned in to our latest podcast, you probably heard Jay and myself discussing when we expect Windows Phone 8 to actually come out—especially since we now know that Windows 8 Desktop will be here October 26th.

Going on simple history, the last two release cycles for Windows Phone have occurred in the October/November timeframe and we expect that to repeat again this year. Throw in the October 26th street date for Win 8 and it should be obvious what Microsoft’s overarching strategy will be—a dual launch where two of their main products dominate headlines. Or what lame business folk call “synergy”.

Over at ZDNet, Mary Jo Foley is hearing from a trusted source the following dates for Microsoft:

"Windows Phone 8: September (RTM for "Apollo" OS); November (general availability for first devices)"

That sounds about right to us especially since we have no SDK quite yet (though that’s expected to be forthcoming soon). With Nokia planning their “Nokia World” event in early September, we think we’ll be shown some new devices…but they won’t quite be ready for sale, not at least for a few months.

All in all, no suprrise if those dates are true as they’re in line with what we’ve expected. One thing we do know—Microsoft has their back to the wall to meet these release dates, so expect a lot of fluidity with announcements and information for the next few months.

Edit: According to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop via the NY Times, it might even be October. The take away is what we said before--this launch is in motion--and with regional and carrier launches, exact timing will vary.

Source: ZDNet