Tweet It!

The latest update for Tweet It!, bringing the popular Windows Phone Twitter client up to version 7.3, introduces new personalisation options for how elements are displayed and more. If you're not a fan of the whole 'everything is square' UI design in most of your installed apps, Tweet It! enables you to switch between squares and round designs.

Prior to this update, some elements were rounded, while elements of the timeline and more were all squared. Now in 7.3, everything is rounded by default, but it's possible to have Twitter profile pictures and other elements to be either square or indeed rounded, depending on your personal preference. It makes more sense when using the app, we swear.

Tweet It! 7.3

Next up we have the ability to have images displayed inline next to tweets, as well as the redesign of Twitter handle autocomplete, which has been altered to make it look more integrated with the Windows Phone 8 operating system. If all this wasn't enough in the latest Tweet It! release, here are some more changes in this update:

  • Update mentions while updating timeline
  • Launch the app right to mentions if you got new ones
  • Switch off dynamic images on the background on pages like profile and tweet details

It's a fairly large update to one of our favourite Twitter clients. You can download Tweet It! from the Windows Phone Store for $2.99 (free trial available, Windows Phone 8 only). We strongly recommend you check it out.

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