Popular Windows Phone Twitter app Tweetium has just been updated to version 2015.714.45.0. This latest release introduces some improvements, including changes to how media previews are loaded and even support for quoted tweet notifications.

According to the changelog available for viewing on the app store listing, we're looking at support for quoted tweet notifications (for Pro users), which includes both push and Connect+ and will be enabled by a server-side update soon. As well as the new quoted tweet notifications, the developer has made some changes to how image previews are loaded. You'll now be presented by the full-size images when tapping on an image (you can revert back to how it used to be in the settings).

Improvements have been made to how tweets are added to the list as the user scrolls through. This should help with the jerkiness in some instances. Background task cancellation handling has also be looked into, and small performance tweaks have been implemented. There are a variety of fixes too:

  • More fixes to new-line/multi-line issues on phone
  • Fixed a couple of error handling bugs, such as the error shown when viewing profiles with no tweets
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate follow notifications could appear for Pro users in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where the same user could appear multiple times in the list of who has favorited a tweet if they favorited then unfav'd then re-fav'd
  • Fixed a crash when opening the compose menu (i.e. drafts/snippets) while the app is a Share target

You can grab the latest version of Tweetium from the Windows Phone Store:

Download Tweetium for Windows Phone

QR: Tweetium

Thanks, Abhishek, G., for the heads up!