Windows 10 is the subject of a new TV marketing campaign by Microsoft. This one focuses on how 'daddy blogger' Doyin Richards uses the OS to keep up with his two kids.

Richards' blog is called "Daddy Doin' Work", and focuses on giving advice for any father who has to keep up with his children. The new Windows 10 ads featuring Richards, which are posted on the official Windows YouTube channel show Richards using an unnamed third party convertible notebook. He uses it to sign into the laptop with his face, via Windows Hello, along with accessing Cortana to keep his life organized, He also uses the notebook's touchscreen feature to help design his kids' costumes for a school project.

Richards also makes comments that he couldn't do things like Windows Hello or use a touchscreen on a MacBook, but the mentions about Apple's products are handled with a bit more finesse than previous Windows 10 ads.