Microsoft launched its Windows 10 TV campaign last week with lots of cute babies and toddlers, but its latest commercial, which promotes Windows in general, takes a very different approach, with both original clips combined with those from pop culture icons.

The ad, labeled simply as "DO", shows people from all walks of life doing things like surfing waves, skiing down slopes, or making Skype calls. There's even a clip of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella getting dowsed by a bucket of water, presumably from last year's Ice Bucket Challenge.

The commercial also has clips from well-known movies like Easy Rider and The Breakfast Club, and even Fred Flintstone makes a quick appearance. The overall theme in the ad is very upbeat, with the idea that using Windows devices and services frees up limitations and allows users to "do great things." It's not as cute as putting kids on screen and not as wacky as Microsoft's Windows 10 cartoon in Russia, but it's still effective.

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Source: Microsoft (YouTube)