Aaron Paul Xbox One

It's a rather humorous, albeit strange experience, but the latest Xbox One advertisement from Microsoft features Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. That's not the strange part. Paul says the familiar phrase "Xbox On" towards the beginning of the clip, but it appears this verbal command is also having an impact on consoles in consumer homes as console owners have reported their own Xbox One booting up without their permission because of this advert.

The Kinect Sensor 2.0 is a powerful upgrade on the original, which was available for the Xbox 360. This command appears to trigger the voice recognition, thus switching on the console. What's also worth noting is how previous Microsoft adverts have featured such phrases, and it's not the first time we've come across said issue, but luckily for Microsoft consumers appear to be enjoying the funny side of the matter instead of becoming frustrated with the sensitivity of the Kinect.

If you do happen to be affected by this issue, it is possible to disable the Kinect sensor, preventing the console picking up on wrongly interpreted commands. Check out the video in question above, but we recommend you watch it with either the Xbox already booted up or in a different room. That said, let us know if you experience the same glitch in the comments.

Source: BBC