Windows 10

Several years ago, Microsoft launched what later became known as "Patch Tuesday" as a way to deliver security updates and bug fixes for Windows and other software products on the second Tuesday of each month. The upcoming launch of Windows 10 will likely do away with that "once a month" pattern for releasing patches as Microsoft moves to a release model where updates are launched when they are ready.

According to PC World, Microsoft's operating systems division leader Terry Myerson told attendees at the company's Ignite conference that Windows 10 updates won't be launched on a fixed date each month:

"Myerson promised that Microsoft security researchers are following up on each and every potential security issue that is brought to their attention. "We all know the most important thing we can do to keep any device secure, or to keep any business secure, is to keep devices up to date with the latest software, including the latest updates," he said."

Members of the Windows Insider program are already aware that new updates and builds for Windows 10 previews can come on any day and even at any time. They also have the option to get new patches via the Fast or Slow rings. It's currently unclear if Microsoft also plans to speed up releases of patches for older versions of Windows or other software products like Office.

Source: PC World