Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski left his team at Epic Games in 2012 to form a new studio, Boss Key Productions. Now the studio has revealed the first trailers and concrete details on its debut game, a free-to-play multiplayer shooter called LawBreakers.

The game itself is set on a future version of Earth where the explosion of the moon has caused massive destruction and strange gravity anomalies. LawBreakers is a 5v5 team shooter pitting law enforcement against criminal in this chaotic world. The first gameplay trailer shows many of its hero characters, along with some of its weapons and lot of fast-paced gameplay in a highly vertical setting.

The game is being published by Nexon and is due for release in 2016. While specific platforms have yet to be revealed, Microsoft's Xbox leader Phil Spencer hinted, via Twitter, that it's possible LawBreakers could make its way to the Xbox One, stating, "@therealcliffyb is always welcome on Xbox."

Source: LawBreakers (YouTube)