Now, we can't report with surety that Lawrence Fishburne is switching from an iPhone to a Treo Pro (and neither can Palm's Official Blog), but what we can say is this:

When faced with a room full of crazily blinged-out PalmOS Centros -- and we mean blinged as in “Too ostentatious for the host of Dancing with the Stars” -- Fishburne looked around, saw the Treo Pro, and asked “Can I have one of these?”

Yeah, it was the Emmys and no, nobody cared one whit about those this year and yeah, Fishburne is probably going to need something as powerful as the Treo Pro to help keep him from running CSI into the ground and no, we're not turning into a Windows Mobile Celebrity-spotting blog.

Except, well, we did hear that the Xperia X1 is apparently the smartphone-of-choice on the new Knight Rider. ITEM: Kitt is a mustang now, you heard it here first.

What? Oh, right: Back to Actual Windows Mobile news: Palm has gotten back to us about the “Is it shipping or ain't it” Treo Pro. Although the phone is still listed as “In Stock, Shipping,” that's apparently not accurate. Palm is “still taking pre-orders, and still expect availability in the first two weeks of October.” This despite CS reps still telling customers that they believe “Treo Pros are starting to ship today in order of their pre-order time. And mine should ship within the next 2 days.”

In other words, the only sure way to get a Treo Pro before October is to attend a glitsy Hollywood awards show.