Rumors have already been swirling around a possible launch for a slimmer Xbox One at E3 2016, and a new leak has provided further fuel for the fire. According to a leaked internal production document posted to Neogaf (via ShackNews), something referred to as the "Xbox One II" (rough translation) is in the works.

Leak lends weight to potential Xbox One 'Slim' E3 announcement

According to the document, the project began life in March 2014, but entered mass production in February of this year with a capacity of 400,000 units per week. One odd bit of data from the leak is that the item is said to weigh in at 600-800 grams — or 1.3 to 1.8 pounds. That would be far, far below the current Xbox One's 7-pound weight, which does raise a potential red flag. However, it's possible the sheet may be referring to one portion of the overall package — likely the plastic shell.

As with all rumors and leaks of this nature, it's best to take this one with a giant grain of salt. However, the mass production timing combined with recent regulatory filings certainly indicate Microsoft is likely up to something.