Leaked change log and screenshots appear for Windows 10 build 10056

Windows Insiders may still be toying around with build 10049 of the Windows 10 technical preview, but a change log and screenshots have leaked today from a newer build, 10056.

Like last week's leak of build 10051, this one comes from leaker "WZor." Also like last week's leak, this build doesn't contain much in the way of new features. Looking at the change log, the only new feature appears to be that the Spartan browser now has a "Save As" option for PDF documents. Additionally, as you can see in the screenshot above, the recycle bin looks to have gotten a fresh icon as well.

Other than the above changes, build 10056 contains a pretty hefty number of bug fixes, all of which you can browse from the full change log at the source link below. It's not clear whether this build will see a public release, but it probably isn't likely given the relatively few number of added features and changes.

Source: WZor (1, 2); Thanks for the tips!