FM Radio Lumia 925

It should be well known by this time that the Nokia Lumia 925 will be coming with the GDR2 Windows Phone 8 OS update and the latest firmware from Nokia, dubbed ‘Amber’. The former includes FM radio, better podcast support and numerous other hitherto undisclosed additions. Amber includes a new on-screen clock, double tap-to-wake and an overhaul to the Lumia’s camera.

New photos showing off these features have been posted in our forums, though they seem to originate from a site called

Lumia 925 Amber
Flip to Silence

In the photos, we can see Data Sense, which is reportedly going more widespread with the GDR2 update, the FM Radio enabled and the new on-screen clock feature. Data Sense helps track data usage and is currently carrier dependent--it's a great feature that we're excited to see go to more devices in 2013.

The photos are so nicely done that you can’t help but appreciate the Lumia 925’s gorgeous AMOLED display and svelte, smooth metallic design. We’ve already given praise to the phone from our limited exposure with it and look forward to getting one to use as our daily driver.

The Lumia 925 with a 4.5” AMOLED display, update PureView camera and aluminum body is expected to launch within the next few weeks across the globe.

Source:; via WPCentral Forums

Lumia 925

Lumia 925 Amber GDR2

Lumia 925 Amber GDR2

Lumia 925 Amber GDR2