Nokia Lauta

How would you like one of these running Apollo?

My Nokia Blog have received a photo collection of an N9 successor, codenamed 'Lauta'. If it were released, it's reported to have been the immediate successor to the N9 and would have been launched soon after, but was subsequently scrapped due to Nokia's decision to support Windows Phone and drop MeeGo.

While in the photos the display and main body of the device are different colours, My Nokia Blog notes that retail units would have sported one complete theme. As well as a similar look and feel of the N9, the 'Lauta' sports identical internals, sharing the same specification sheet as its predecessor.

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Check out some more photos below.

Nokia Lauta 2

Nokia Lauta 3

We've asked this before, but how would you have liked a QWERTY version of the Lumia 800 / 900? Would you like to see Nokia head down a physical keyboard path?

Source: My Nokia Blog