Saana render

Microsoft has three upcoming Lumia smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile in the works, but another mid-range device may still be in the works. Today, an alleged leaked render of that smartphone has been posted, which allegedly shows what has been previously reported as a device with the code name "Saana".

Windows Central reported, via our own sources, earlier this summer that work on the "Saana" phone was revived at Microsoft after it was previously cancelled. It's been made as a successor for the Lumia 830. WinBeta has now posted a render of what they say is the "Saana" phone from their own sources. They also speculate that the phone could be named as the Lumia 650 when it is actually released, based on the time shown in the render.

Unfortunately, the render image is all we have from this report and it is rather generic. It does not state what kind of hardware it has, nor is there any indication of a release date leaving the news a little hollow here. We'll update this story if we come across more information on the matter.

Source: WinBeta