Lumia 820 Prototype

One of the new Nokia devices running Windows Phone 8


Earlier we saw some renders of the supposed Lumia 820 and now it looks like we have another contender to deal with as numerous real photos have been passed on.

Showing with OS version 8.0.09735.09, the device being handled looks to be a real enough and bares resemblance to the 'Phi' we've seen previously though sources say this is the '820'. It is currently not known if the devices are one and the same or different.

The prototype device sports the now common button layout in keeping with the Lumia 800 and 900 but with the new Windows Phone 8 logo near the bottom...


Lumia 820 Prototype leaked

The Phi? The Lumia 820? 

The white device has a large, flat screen as we predicted, which will disappoint lovers of the curved glass we saw on the Lumia 800. Still the overall balanced look of the device does make us think this is the real deal. Seeing as the device is larger than the 900, it appears to be slightly thinner due to being more spread out.

Lumia 820 Prototype leaked

Lumia 820 Prototype leaked

This device differs from the renders, we have reported on, in terms of the camera design and the Nokia orientation. In fact, it's quite interesting that the device lacks the chrome bezel for the camera, which has become both a symbol of Nokia but also a source of scratches. This however could just point to differences with final hardware.

Lumia 820 Prototype leaked grouped

The rumored specs for the Nokia Phi include:d

We’ll let you guys tell us what you think. Comments welcome!

Source:  COOLXAP; via; Thanks, Jack, for the tip