Microsoft has still not announced plans for the Surface Pro 4, but when the company does reveal the successor to its popular Surface Pro 3 tablet, it might just have Intel's next-generation Skylake processors inside. Some marketing slides that showed up on the Internet show how Skylake will perform compared to Intel's current chips with the Broadwell architecture.

According to the slides, first posted at FanlessTech, battery life on devices with a Skylake chip should last up to 30% longer than those with Broadwell processors. Another one of the slides shows that the mobile versions of Skylake could have between 10% to 17% faster CPU performance compared to Broadwell, along with up to 41% better graphics performance with Intel's integrated solution.


The first devices with Skylake-based processors are expect to launch sometime this fall, possibly in October. That's also the time that our Editor-in-Chief Daniel Rubino says that, according to his sources, Microsoft might also launch the Surface Pro 4, with Skylake chips inside.

Thanks to MohammadMSFT for the tip!

Source: FanlessTech