Windows 10 build 10540

Earlier today, we got a peek at the release notes for an unreleased build of Windows 10, 10540, thanks to avid leaker WZoR. Now, WZoR has posted a set of screenshots from the new build, but there's not much new to behold.

Overall, there are just a couple of changes of note. As seen in the screenshots, Edge has a new option under advanced settings that allows you to hide your local IP address over WebRTC connections. Additionally, there is a new icon in Control Panel for "Appearance and Personalization."

Windows 10 build 10540

As the leaked release notes revealed earlier today, Windows 10 build 10540 gives developers access to jump lists for Windows Store apps, extending a feature that was previously restricted to desktop apps.

For more screenshots, you can hit up WZoR's post from the link below.

Source: WZoR