It looks like Microsoft may be gearing up to add yet another edition to its Windows 10 lineup, this time intended for "advanced users." In digging into a Windows 10 build that was accidentally pushed to Insiders last week, Twitter user @AndItsTito (via The Verge) discovered a reference to a new Windows 10 SKU called "Windows 10 Pro for Advanced PCs." Another Twitter user, @GrandMofongo later revealed an internal Microsoft slide that describes the SKU as "Windows 10 Pro for Workstation PCs."

Leaks point to new Windows 10 edition for Workstation PCs

According to the leaked slide, this edition of Windows 10 is intended to provide sustained performance for server-grade hardware. That's due in part to four main areas of focus, according to the slide:

  • Workstation mode enhanced performance: Realize the full benefits of massively multi-core server grade CPUs and high-end PC hardware by engaging in the new Workstations mode for demanding workloads.
  • Resilient file system storage: Enhance the resilience, performance and scalability of Workstation machine by running Microsoft's server grade ReFS file system designed for high fault tolerance and handling large data volume.
  • Faster file sharing: SMBDirect facilitates file transfer between PCs with high speed, low latency and low CPU utilization — suitable for working on large datasets.
  • Expanded hardware support: Run demanding workloads by running Windows 10 Pro Workstation on PCs with high end configuration including up to 4 CPUs and up to 6TB memory.

The focus on power and server-grade hardware here points to this edition mainly being geared towards enterprise scenarios. Further, another leaked slide notes that this is "just a starting point," and we should expect this edition to evolve more over time. Even the name isn't set in stone just yet.