Augmented reality apps have always been something of an amazing concept for mobile device owners. Well executed apps that take advantage of the Windows Phone 7 Mango APIs to create cool experiences always get a lot of good attention for the platform and developers, and the novelty of it all does not easily wear off.

Shank, an NTU Intern at Microsoft Singapore, has realized that many app developers are interested in building their own agumented reality apps but don't have all of the know-how necessary to make that interest a reality. He's created a set of videos and articles on Innovate Singapore to help get developers started; from learning how to setup the camera to using the motion sensors and finally packaging it all together. With a little elbow grease and understanding of how the development tools work, you too can watch through the extensive tutorials and start work on your on augmented reality apps sooner rather than later.

Developers, it's time to stop thinking about that app concept you've been daydreaming on for so long and take the first steps needed to get the job done. While the tutorials may not be for the lighthearted or those brand new to app development, we've looked through the work that Shank has done ourselves and found it to be very complete and fairly simple to follow along.

Do you have an idea for an augmented reality app that you'd like to see made? Leave some thoughts in the comments below and maybe a developer can put the two together, your idea and Shank's tutorials, to get your app in the store. 

Source: Innovate Singapore; Thanks, Shank