An interesting book has been released by Sams Publishing, which will be of great value to anyone who's looking at Windows Phone to develop games taking advantage of available technologies and hardware. The book, authored by Jonathan S. Harbour, claims (as does other learning material) to teach the reader how to develop a playable title in just 24 hours using Microsoft's free XNA 4.0 toolset. The book is set out in easy-to-digest chunks, with "Did you know?" tips and "Watch out!" alerts.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Develop fast, playable Windows Phone 7 games with XNA 4.0
  • Get and manage user touch screen input
  • Draw 2D bitmapped images, and bring them to life as sprites
  • Transform sprites using rotation, scaling, and velocity calculations
  • Detect and handle collisions between game objects
  • Create surprisingly realistic animation effects
  • Master sophisticated finite state programming techniques
  • Integrate GPS Location Services into your game
  • Make the most of Windows Phone audio
  • Read, write, and save game files
  • Create your game’s Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Implement realistic physics effects, including gravity and acceleration
  • Tweak gameplay to make your games more fun

The book is available to purchase as paperback or in ebook format, and prices start at just $25.59. Amazon is also stocking the resource at $23.85 (UK version from £13.36, available for Kindle too).

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