So did you know that the BlackJack II has a LED that's capable of displaying 7 different colors? Me: I did not. But QoreFunctions did, and they've made a neat little app that lets you map all them pretty colors to different alerts on your phone, from email to SMS to missed calls. LedAlerts.


  • Activate external LED based on specific event
  • Control 7 different LED colors on BlackJack II
  • Ability to assign different LED to each event
  • Manages Simultaneous Active LEDs
  • User Selectable Active LED Duration

Fully utilizing the LED just makes sense - saves you time and battery life because you don't have to power up the screen to see exactly why your phone wants attention. Oh, and it also works with the HTC S730, Verizon SMT5800, and T-Mobile Dash/S620 -- just without all the pretty colors.