The world's largest PC manufacturer is going strong, as Lenovo announced today that it witnessed a second-quarter profit increase to the tune of 19 percent. The rise is attributed to healthy sales of PCs as well as smartphones, with Lenovo seeing an increased market share in both categories.

Lenovo posted a net profit of $262.1 million for the quarter, up from $219.7 million a year earlier. Overall revenue rose from $9.77 billion to $10.48 billion, an increase of 7 percent. According to chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang:

"Lenovo had another strong quarter that saw excellent market share gains and profit expansion. Not only did we reach nearly 20 percent share in PCs, but we became #1 in the broader PC+ tablet market for the first time."

The Chinese manufacturer not only controls nearly 20 percent global market share in the PC segment, but is also making its way up the smartphone charts. With 16.9 million sales during the quarter, Lenovo is now the fourth largest smartphone vendor in the world. The vendor is rumored to launch a Windows Phone branded handset later this year, although there has not been any official statement from Lenovo indicating the same.

Would you guys like to see a Lenovo-branded Windows Phone?

Source: Lenovo

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