Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't even out yet — hell, as we just found out, they're still tweaking the UI — so we suppose that means it's time to start the speculation of what Windows Mobile 7 is going to look like.

Above, we have Exhibit A from wmpoweruser of what supposedly is a shot of Windows Mobile 7. Also, they say, the "latest inside rumors" say WM7 will reach manufacturers by the end of the year and be out on phones by spring 2010. That's right in line with what we've previously reported.

So maybe this is a shot of Windows Mobile 7, and maybe it ain't. (We'd expect to see the Windows flag somewhere at some point.) Regardless, what we (hopefully) see this time next year is likely to change a fair bit.

But what say you, dear readers? If this is legit, how's it look to you?